Ok, go be viral, then.

Personally, I find OK Go’s sound to be pretty, um, OK, but their genius is in their music videos. And rightfully so, since the music video might be a dying art. While music streaming on YouTube had been a highly controversial endeavor, the viewership is there for licensed music videos on sites like YouTube and Vevo. An interesting 360, when you consider many televisions or TV devices include apps that allow viewers to stream web video onto that big old TV you bought in 2005.

Adam Sadowsky, an engineer, and his team constructed the highly elaborate Rube Goldberg machine for the song “This Too Shall Pass;” the official version has garnered nearly 22,000,000 views. I recommend watching the how-to, and then the (much clearer) YouTube version below it, if it’s been a while since you slapped it up on Facebook.


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