A look at Wainy Days

So during the course of this quarter, I’m going to be taking a look at some of the more successful web comedy series. My first look is at Wainy Days, created/written/directed and starring the amazing sketch guy David Wain (of the hilarious Stella and The State).

The influence of The State’s and Stella’s style of humor is clear here — the pacing is amazingly fast, full of non-sequiters and ridiculousness…<3!!! Too often with web shorts, I find that the pacing can be grueling. A while ago, I watched a few episodes from season one, which were funny, and pretty good. Last night, I watched what exists so far on season 4, and it is fantastic. The series seems to have found its footing, and a clear style, so that’s great to see that kind of growth.

I came across the series’ page on IMDB, which provided a couple of interesting tidbits, one of which showed the budget was being an estimated $1,000,000. Additionally, the series is classified as a TV show for IMDB…interesting. Anyway, here’s one with him getting it on with Amanda Peet.


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