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Entering the Frenzy?

by munhitsu

I know April is only a couple of days away, but I am heavily debating whether to get involved in this year’s Script Frenzy. Now that I have a spec script under my belt, I feel about 6% more confident about writing a screenplay.

I have a few ideas in the pipeline that I could tackle if I reeeeeaaaaallly wanted to:

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And now we wait

Wednesday, I handed in the final draft of my Modern Family spec. I’m really happy with it — at least the first two acts. I know Act 3 can use some work, but I’m happy with the fact that it doesn’t need an entire bulldozing — just a sprucing, thanks to my husband, who is a JOKE MACHINE. So now, I’m waiting for my grade on that. I’d be happy with an B, but I’m really hoping for a A.

And then today, I gathered all of my materials for the UCLA summer producer’s program: my (redesigned) resume, an application form, the application fee, transcripts from Oswego and UCLA Extension, and my labor of love, the admissions essay.

How did I do it? Read more…

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The Art of the Title

Someone did this very fantastic short, showing the progression of title cards/sequences in films from Intolerance (D.W. Griffith) to The Social Network (Fincher). The project is basically a sliver of the work done at The Art of the Title Sequence, which catalogs and dissects — you guessed it — title sequences from film and television.

Modern Family: Act I WIN!!

Last night was the first table read in class of my Modern Family spec script. I had been dreading it for WEEKS, mainly because I had the worst pitch of my life ever — even thinking about it gives me waves of pain.

So I already had the task of redeeming myself. I did that by writing the first scene of the cold open (which is typically two-three scenes). And then I let it sit. For like, two weeks.

Then, I missed a class.

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