And now we wait

Wednesday, I handed in the final draft of my Modern Family spec. I’m really happy with it — at least the first two acts. I know Act 3 can use some work, but I’m happy with the fact that it doesn’t need an entire bulldozing — just a sprucing, thanks to my husband, who is a JOKE MACHINE. So now, I’m waiting for my grade on that. I’d be happy with an B, but I’m really hoping for a A.

And then today, I gathered all of my materials for the UCLA summer producer’s program: my (redesigned) resume, an application form, the application fee, transcripts from Oswego and UCLA Extension, and my labor of love, the admissions essay.

How did I do it? Read more…

My essay writing process
Once I learned about this program, back in Spring 2010, I knew it was for me. However, I couldn’t scratch up $5,000 in a couple of months, nor could I preoccupy myself heavily just months before my wedding. So I set out to apply for the program this year. It’s a lot easier than the MFA process, since you don’t have to wrangle letters of recommendation and it only lasts three months.

I started writing my essay in December, but it sounded phony to me. I didn’t know exactly where to start or how to start it, but I knew I had to get something down on paper.

Then, I thought about this blog, and what I’m doing with it and why I’m doing it. I realized I had basically written an extremely causal version of my admissions essay: my first post! So I pasted that into a document and started to go to town. In writing this thing, I wanted to be slightly more creative than the standard essay, so I started out with this artsy, indirect leading sentence. I thought it was genius, but after a while I realized that clever is not always an endearing thing to pull off.

After a few more edits and some helpful advice I ended up with something I’m fairly happy with the way it turned out. Here it is, embedded below. You can leave commentary if you want, but, whatever, they already have it.


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