SGFS Quarter Two

Today I dropped off a packet for CBS’s Writers Mentor Program, which I am treating as a final exam. I was able to take today off, so I could put some more fixes on my Modern Family spec, salvage what I could of a short film script I wrote a while ago, and send my (notarized!) packet out. I have little confidence in that short film, but at least I had the two required pieces. And despite everything, that spec ended up pretty dern good!

So now I’m moving on to Quarter Two of Self Guided Film School. As you can see, I have most of my books ready:

The Courses

Production and Visual Expression: the craft of production/producing and fostering a style and aesthetic for film.

The Actor’s Craft: Understanding the process and business of acting, and the writer/producer/director’s roles in cultivating the characters and emotions that actors need to work.

Race, Class and Gender in Media: I think this one is fairly self-explanatory.

I also thought I would be enrolled in a UCLA Extension writing or directing course this semester, but it didn’t work out (at least not yet — I’m still on the wait list for the directing class, so there’s hope). I am planning on taking a 2-day course in May about planning to write an original pilot, which will nicely coincide with my deadlines for the FOX, Warner Bros., and NBC writing programs. Only FOX requires a pilot, but I’m pretty excited about getting cracking on mine, because I have a great idea, and a few people who I have pitched it to really love it. Or at least they’re good pretenders.


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