10-words-or-less movie review roundup!

This weekend I decided that I wanted to go back to braiding my hair. I didn’t want to spend money on doing so, and I didn’t want to wait a week for an appointment, even if I did have a wad of cash. Additionally, I’m going to New York in a couple of weeks — New York City in August is hell on hair.

So, we watched a ton of movies over the course of two days, and I braided it myself, with some help from Adam . Some were fantastic, and some…not so much. Here’s my view on our marathon of filmdom, in 10 words or less:

Thank god the 80s are over. Hipsters = Yuppies.

The transformation scene:


Robot FAIL



How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Working WIN — Robert Morse’s face is the whole movie



Gangs of New York
West Side Story: A century earlier, more cholera.

Scorsese on New York’s Five Points Intersection


McDreamy’s path to med school: paved with pizza, unsatisfied wives

How to seduce a disgruntled wife without really trying:


Real Genius
Proof that nerds come in all types — totally holds up.

Evil nerd talk to Jesus:


Poverty sucks! Also, Annie?

Even gruel can be appetizing


Bonnie and Clyde
Sacredness be damned — this should be remade.

Sooo much promise to be the sexiest, coolest movie ever:


The Toy

Slavery is hilarious, and Pryor’s skin was rough…

“I want the black man!”


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