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Spec Script Trailers: Is This a Thing?

Universal purchased a spec script for Grim Night. The premise, according to THR:

Grim Night’s conceit is that one night every year, strange creatures attack Earth and kill thousands, targeting different place[s] with no one knowing why. The story centers on a family in small town America that gets attacked and has to defend themselves.

The concept itself sounds fairly enticing. But interestingly, the teaser-trailer for the spec also made the rounds:

It had me wondering whether this was a trend in the spec market?

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Two Books, Two Outcomes

Luuk mah, ah kan reed!!

Upon recommendation from a writing colleague, I picked up a book — you know the type. The kind of book that is supposed to help guide you through the trials and tribulations of being a writer. The kind of book that will give you great insights into the world of scribedom, and helps you hope that one day, you too will be a paid laugh-maker, scream-inducer, or tear-jerker.

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OMFG, I was a PA!!!

Me, standing in for a dancer/performance artist. My legs were definitely asleep at this point.

OK, to many people, being a Production Assistant on a small-scale, pro-bono PSA is really not a big deal. But for me, it was a big freaking deal because it was the first time I got to actually work on a set. I’ve been to tapings and shoots before, but this was the first time I actually got to do stuff like schlep pieces of scenery, or arrange the fruit on a craft services table.

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