The End Is Near


The end of the year, that is. As mentioned before, I’m currently creating a basis of research on understanding women in society, as an audience, and as consumers. In addition to that, here’s what my next 6 months look like…

– Finishing the first draft of my very first feature-length screenplay! (90 pages down, and about 15-20 pages to go, y’all!)

– Finish co-writing a ridiculous, over-the-top comedy feature with a friend. Yes, it’s actually called Neal and Michelle’s Funny Time Palace. One of our friends thought we were joking about the title. It ain’t no joke. We’re pitching it as a cross between Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, UHF, and Workaholics. 

– Finally finishing my damn pilot.

– Co-writing a pilot with my husband. Hopefully we won’t murder each other.

– Outlining my next screenplay, a female-driven action/comedy.

Things are still insane at work, but I’m still rushing home every night to get a-writin’. As my Mom said a couple of days ago, we are in the only profession where we’re excited to go sit at a desk and get to work after a day of sitting at a desk and working.


About Michelle

I like pie. And clapping.

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  1. Wow, looks like you’ve got your plate full. So cool to hear about screenplay writing – it seems there aren’t a whole bunch of them on here.

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