Well, as mentioned earlier, I’m a journalist, and I live in Los Angeles.

I like puppies, cookies, baseball, and spending a day at the library. I also like to travel and ponder.

Some anticipated questions:

Yeah, this is all well and good but the big experience in going to film school you’re missing is the actual production part. What ya gotta say about that, Verne?

While that is certainly a hole in my plan, I intend to do what I can with my limited-ish resources, whether it’s experimenting with video, helping people shoot their own stuff locally, or shooting short films.

You’re wasting your time going into a profession for morons. You should be a college professor or something. Why aren’t you doing that??? (Yes, an actual question I’ve received, which I like to translate as “validate my own mundane life!!!”)

Well, just because TV and film is accessible to everyone doesn’t mean that the people working in the industry are buffoons.  It takes some rather brilliant people to put together a show like Mad Men, wouldn’t you say? And I’m sure there are some otherwise brilliant people just having a good time (and collecting those $$$) writing Two And a Half Men. So suck it. Douche.

Instead of all this fancy book-learnin’, why don’t you just get a job in the industry?

I could do that. But my greatest fear with most things in life is being embarrassingly unknowledgeable. I don’t mind saying “I don’t know” every once in a while, but drawing complete blanks on stuff I should know gives me far too much anxiety. Also, I’m a nerd, and I like to learn. Thanks a lot, family, for instilling this ridiculous notion of continued learning through life is important. Ugh!

How does UCLA play into all of this?

Firstly, I love light blue.

Secondly, I initially  heard about UCLA Extension through Bridget, “The Smart One” on The Girls Next Door (yeah, you read that correctly). She was taking broadcasting classes, and one episode featured her going to class, being all smarty. So I looked into it. When my office moved a few blocks from the UCLA campus, I picked up a course catalog. Finally, one quarter, I signed up for the into to sitcom writing course, and a producing course about launching a production company. So, I decided to continue with the writing program. I also learned about the School of Theater, Film and Television’s Summer Producer’s Program. It’s basically 10 weeks of intense lecturing from TFT faculty, at the end of which, I would receive a graduate certificate. So, no, I’m not getting an MFA from UCLA’s famed film school, nor is this 100% hardcore DIY education. But whatever, I’m pumped about it.


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