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Two Books, Two Outcomes

Luuk mah, ah kan reed!!

Upon recommendation from a writing colleague, I picked up a book — you know the type. The kind of book that is supposed to help guide you through the trials and tribulations of being a writer. The kind of book that will give you great insights into the world of scribedom, and helps you hope that one day, you too will be a paid laugh-maker, scream-inducer, or tear-jerker.

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Week in Review

I’ve taken Media Law as an undergrad, and then again when I was considering getting an MA in journalism a few years ago and took a class online at the University of Missouri. I’ve also learned a lot about the legal dealings incorporated with launching a company, copyright, contracts, and all that good stuff through my UCLA class that I took last semester. So I am not really feeling like I need to learn it all on my own. So I’m just not gonna. In the interest of concentrating on what’s important, I’m dropping my Entertainment Law course.

I’ve basically done all of my reading/viewing assignments for the week, so that’s been good. I still have not had a lot of time to work on my Modern Family Outline, either, but I have the whole week off to hone it.

All in all, I’m still pumped on this whole project. I’ve received a bunch of great things from friends and family for Christmas that’ll help me with my learnin’: a couple of gift cards, and the DVDs, Directors: Life Behind the Camera and the PBS documentary, Pioneers of Television.

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