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Modern Family: Outline

So I took Beginning Writing the Half-Hour Comedy Spec Script in the spring at UCLA Extension. The course is basically a long, drawn-out way of outlining a spec script, by workshopping your ideas over and over again with your class of peers. My Community outline was only workshopped three times (compared to like, 6 for other people), but I kept revising it, with the suggestions of my classmates, and turned in a final draft with a good grade. However, in that time I grew to hate my story; it was predictable, and too sitcommy, though other people really liked it. But a spec is supposed to reflect who you are as a writer, and this just didn’t cut it. And it didn’t reflect the show, either, which is the other point of writing a spec.

Since the class ended, I took a break and came up with a new idea, this time for one of my favorite shows on television right now, Modern Family. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to watching every new episode of this show, btw.

Anyway, so I’ve come up with a rough outline of beats for this spec script — basically the big plot points, some details, and lines. This week, I will finally actually write it all out as a first draft (two more drafts are on the way, so I can safely bring it to class on the first day without feeling like a moron with a crappy first draft that makes no one laugh…).

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