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From the most ridiculous movie ever

“They drummed you out of Hollywood, so you come crawling back to Broadway. But Broadway doesn’t go for booze and dope. Now get out of my way, I’ve got a man waiting for me”.
– Helen Lawson (played by Susan Hayward) in Valley of the Dolls. Just because.


Am I Eating My Own?

This week, after heavily evaluating our cable options, the hubster and I decided to nix our Time Warner Cable package with DVR service.

The big defining factor: Getting rid of cable, and upgrading the speed of our broadband service saves me approximately $60 monthly, or $720 annually. That can go for groceries, or tuition, or those daily (expensive) no-baby candies.
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UCLA, Here I Come — But on a More Regular Basis!

This afternoon, I received my acceptance letter to UCLA’s professional program in producing, run by the School of Theater, Film and Television — booyah!!!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been beaming all day. First, my mom liked my spec script and now this?!

Mad Men Hiatus Makes Me Nuts

With news that Mad Men, one of the few dramas I actually tune in for, is going to be on hiatus until 2012, I am resorting to desperate measures. I think I’m going to have to take solace in watching the following commercials over and over again, until I feel right:

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Acting = Doing Stuff.

Armpit Exam by Dakini03

As an attempt to understand why I find actors so odd, I have started reading The Art of Acting by Stella Adler. After a few pages, I understood why actors are odd: they were taught by eccentric instructors like Stella Adler. But now, at chapter 3, I have a slightly better understanding of where she’s coming from. In the most basic sense, acting should be coming from an organic place,  and in order for actors to become organic in vastly different situations, they have to build a vocabulary of “naturality,” if you will…

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SGFS Quarter Two

Today I dropped off a packet for CBS’s Writers Mentor Program, which I am treating as a final exam. I was able to take today off, so I could put some more fixes on my Modern Family spec, salvage what I could of a short film script I wrote a while ago, and send my (notarized!) packet out. I have little confidence in that short film, but at least I had the two required pieces. And despite everything, that spec ended up pretty dern good!

So now I’m moving on to Quarter Two of Self Guided Film School. As you can see, I have most of my books ready:

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